Our Workshops

Rescripting Empowerment

Come explore the stories and expectations that have your shaped life and your relationship to yourself. By working with the shoulds many of us carry around, you will be supported to discern which narratives are still of service to you. With this new knowledge, you will learn new tools and engage in exercises to discover how you can transform and choose the stories you identify with, reclaiming creative empowerment over your own life. This workshop is about giving up the story of what or how you are supposed to be in the world for the authentic and empowering experience of who and how you already are.

Rescripting Intimacy

Delve into key concepts that help to create healthy, consensual and empathic relationships with friends, partners and coworkers. Explore how vulnerability, individual needs, expectations, boundaries, and practices of consent all work together to determine the level of connection available in any relationship. You will leave this workshop understanding how to foster deeper intimacy and healthier balance in relationships with others, as well as how to avoid the unnecessary stress that accompanies relationships that lack boundaries, intention and empathy.

Rescripting Success

Fostering a more expansive and creative definition of success leads to higher satisfaction and a greater sense of fulfillment in daily life. In this workshop we will discuss and explore how we can use self-compassion, reframing and holistic approaches to success in order to be and enjoy more of who we are. We will discuss models that employ non-attachment, and introduce healthy approaches to ambition and goal-setting. This workshop will offer tools on how to feel successful based on a attentive internal presence rather than fluctuating external circumstances.