Why we’d sooner go to the doctor or the dentist before we’d go to an emotional communication workshop

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Now, don’t get me wrong, I like going to the dentist as much as the next person…wait, what? I hate the dentist! Do you like going to the dentist? Enjoy a little bleeding gums in the middle of the day while you watch CP24 on the overhead screen above you and pretend like there’s not a stranger poking at you with metal rods for a half hour while you try not to choke on your own spit?

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Or how bout going to the doctors? Do you enjoy sitting in a cold room with a paper dress on and talking about how your vagina smells like brown sugar and you don’t know why?

No one really likes doing these things, but we all do them from time to time because we know they’re IMPORTANT, right? We’ve been told and taught from a very young age that we’ve got to take care of our teeth, take care of our bodies, get enough sleep, drink enough water, eat our vegetables, etc.

Much of what we were taught about how to take care of ourselves was about our PHYSICAL health, right? But what about our MENTAL/EMOTIONAL health? What nuggets of wisdom, what daily routines were passed down to us to help us make sure our minds and our hearts were being taken care of? Most of us can honestly say “not many”.

Phychologist Guy Winch noticed this trend, and has posited that what we need more of is “emotional hygiene”. ¬†See his talk about this topic Here:

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Yet, believe me I know, it’s so hard to make commitments to get BETTER at talking¬†about our FEELINGS. It can be as painful as, say, pulling teeth to admit that we don’t always know what we’re doing when it comes to relationships, or that what we’ve been doing for so long isn’t and maybe has never worked. But, when you think about it, admitting we don’t know much about how to navigate relationships and our feelings should be the most obvious thing in the world, considering none of us were every formally taught how to “do relationships” . It’s kind of a given that maybe a lot of us are going to be not so great at it (some of us are just downright totally shitty at it!)

Just like we maybe need a little help from a professional when our vagina smells like brown sugar (is it just me?) , we DEFINITELY could use some expert advice when it comes to navigating our emotional landscape.

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One of the reasons we created these workshops in the first place was because we felt it was RIDICULOUS that women didn’t have more formalized places to share and discuss how to better engage with their feelings, needs and boundaries. If you feel the same, and are tired of shying away from truly being intimate with your own wants, needs, desires and boundaries, we hope you’ll consider joining us for one or all of the workshops that feel right for you. Let’s honour that our FEELINGS are just as important as our TEETH! OR SOMETHING TO THAT EFFECT!

We promise we won’t make you wear a paper dress (unless you show up in one, in which case, party on sister like it’s 1969!)
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