We’re here today because our twenties were spent  cultivating intentionality in messy, chaotic and beautiful ways. From bizarre career choices and travel, to crises of faith and dead-end relationships, we’ve each taken our fair share of strange turns and wandering paths. At each crossroads we’ve learned important lessons about stating our needs, creating healthy boundaries and discerning between what served us and letting go of what didn’t.

Our shared interests in personal growth and expression, as well as community empowerment set the foundation for each of our next steps. Natalie, a teacher by education, became certified as a CCF Life Coach and began a private practice with a focus on anti-oppresssion. Barbara trained at the Gestalt Institute of Psychotherapy and pursued an artistic practice in storytelling for healing.

Still, our coffee shop work dates included less individual work and more discussions of how limiting narratives keep women from finding fulfillment and living their dreams. In our own community, this manifested in disconnection, aimlessness and a lack of confidence. This lack of empowerment kept otherwise talented women feeling like they were living according to a script someone else had written for them.

A vision was born to combine our skills and experience to teach women how to creatively create intentionality in their lives through fun and experiential workshops.



Barbara Erochina holds a certificate in Gestalt Theory and Methodology from The Gestalt Institute of Toronto, is a student of co-active coaching at CTI and has focused on spiritual counselling at part of a Master’s of Divinity as Queen’s University. As a practicing spoken word artist she has performed on stages across Canada and taught many workshops on the transformative power of storytelling. Her private practice balances intuition and relationship with direction, action and manifestation. Learn more here.





Natalie Amber holds a bachelor of education from York U, is  a CCF Life coach and holds a Graduate Certificate in Community Healing and Peacebuilding from OISE. She has spend the past decade involved in creative community engagement projects, including working in the cerebral palsy community, teaching inner city youth how to garden, and running her own life coaching business and emotional communication workshops entitled “Performing Love”. Learn more here.


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