How to Feel Good

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When it comes to pulling ourselves out of a funk, there are two primary camps. The inside out and the outside in. The outside in say: Fake it to you make it! Change your actions or appearance, and soon enough your feelings will shift. The inside out say: Work with your thought patterns. This will […]

How to be a partner and not a s/mother-Kick the “Homer Simpson Hangover”

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Being socialized female, from an early age we are expected to perform care-giving duties. We are being groomed, explicitly and implicitly, to be mother figures, to take on the emotional problems of others, to provide both gentleness, warmth and understanding, while at the same time stability, organization, and thoroughness. And although our history as women […]

To Change Your Story, You Must Own It.

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“I’m done, I’m not finishing the show” I informed my partner Tanya in the flattest of monotones. I’d spent the last two years working on on the play, Wrestling God and Girls, tirelessly. But, there was no drama to my announcement, no emotional breakdown – I just didn’t see the purpose anymore. In response she fumbled some comforting […]

Welcome to the Life Rescripted Academy!

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Thanks for stopping by! We’ll be using this blog as a platform for discussions, tips, inspirations and challenges that focus on emotional communication and healty relationships with others, but most importantly, with ourselves. We started the Life Rescripted Academy out of our shared observations that healthy emotional communication skills and the ability for self-awareness are […]